New TVs for Johnson Community Hospital

When the Friends of Johnson Community Hospital were asked if we would replace the out-of-date televisions in place since the new hospital had been built in 2009 with new TVs, the Members were only too delighted to help.

The Friends contacted Hughes Electrical as the members wanted to utilise the services of a local company. The Friends would like to express our deepest heartfelt thanks for the way Rob Goldsmith from Hughes Trade in Peterborough arranged for the replacement of twenty 32” hospitality televisions and one 65” television which sits in the Day Room without disrupting the efficient running of the hospital and causing any inconvenience to the patients.

Gale Bull, Clinical Team Lead, Welland Ward and Tulip Suite and Queen’s Nurse said: “The new, modern televisions absolutely benefit the patients keeping them occupied, breaking up their day watching their favourite programmes.”

Christine Lawton, the Friends’ President said: “I should like to express my sincere gratitude to all who contributed in any way to the successful installation of these very welcome new televisions. My especial thanks go to those of our District Councillors who made donations from their ward budgets. We are the Friends of the Johnson Community Hospital, and it is as a community that all in South Holland and beyond benefit. Well done to all”.

Steve Weatherly-Barton, Friends’ Chairman and hospital Chaplain said: “Keep smiling, keep shining, Knowing you can always count on me for sure, That’s what friends are for. Song lyrics that we’d like to think describe our work as Friends of Johnson Community; because we want to do everything, we possibly can in supporting the staff and patients. Televisions make life more bearable for hospital patients. We are delighted to have finally replaced the ageing screens on our wards with much better equipment. And though our wonderful nurses won’t have any time to watch TV, at least they won’t be constantly asked to find a spare remote control!”

The Friends continuously listen to the welfare needs of the staff and auxiliary staff to create inventive, fun, and successful fundraising events to support those needs.